F. G. Calderon High School was founded in 1918 as Bonifacio Primary School. It was later changed to Felipe G. Calderon Integrated in June 1937 under the leadership of Ms. Marciana Tino.

The four-storey rectangular-shaped concrete building was then the answer to the felt need of accommodating and promoting quality education to more youths in the community.

The integration of the elementary and high school departments took effect in school year 1976-1977 with an enrolment of 578 high school freshmen who were the graduates of the elementary department of the previous school year.  The two departments were run by only one principal, Dr. Angelina Gue.  The next curriculum year opened the next school year and the population increased to 1,171 that it necessitated to acquire the service of 23 high school students.  Consequently, the next 2 school years completed the four curriculum years of the school and the first birth of graduates were recognized in the end of school year 1981-1982.  Since then, enrolment increased with each passing year.

In the school year 1988-1989, through the concerted efforts of the principal, Mr. Santiago Paredes, a P1.3 M building was constructed and was funded by the National Capital Region.  The new two-storey building somehow eased the congestion in the classroom.

Prior to its separation, the High School Department had been managed by assistant principals under one principal for both elementary and high school departments.  But from 1995, the High School Department was run by its own school principal.

In its 38 years of existence, F. G. Calderon Integrated School (High School) continues to serve the needs of the student populace, always doing its best. The school gives its credit to the principals, past and present for their support and contributions as school leaders.  They are the pillars of the FGCIS – namely:

1.        Dr. Valenti I. Icay SY 1995 – 1997
2.        Mrs. Norieta C. Salazar SY 1997 – 1999
3.        Miss Teresita A. Amasol SY 1999 – 2001
4.        Dr. Virginia F. Bermudez SY 2001 – 2003
5.        Dr. Loida D. Diaz SY 2003 – 2006
6.        Mrs. Chita G. Glorioso SY 2006 – 2008
7.        Mrs. Isabelita M. Giron SY 2008 – 2011
8.        Mrs. Laura R. Macalinao SY 2011 – 2012
9.        Mrs. Mercedita S. Tolentino SY 2012 – 2014
10.      Miss Maria Eva S. Nacion SY 2014 – 2015
11.      Mrs. Ma. Pura S. Talattad SY 2015 – 2017
12.      Dr. Araceli T. Bondoc SY 2018 – Present